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Tuesday 26 March 2024 - Access free molecules to foster your research and funding opportunities on collaborative projects

14:00-16:00 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Webinar Room Access free molecules to foster your research and funding opportunities on collaborative projects

    Webinar organized in cooperation with is the open science portal of Boehringer Ingelheim: a leading global pharmaceutical company, that aims to transform lives for generations to come. With opnMe, we foster independent innovation by sharing well-characterized, preclinical molecules for free for research purposes with scientists around the globe. Researchers will own all rights generated with the molecules and are encouraged to publish independently in high-ranking scientific journals. In addition, we have launched several collaboration programs on where we invite scientists to submit innovative research proposals to address pharmacological or technological questions, some of them offer access to unprecedented and unpublished molecules from Boehringer’s research pipeline. Lastly, with our recently launched opn2TALENTS program we offer prestigious PostDoc grant funding to pursue a professional career at one of our three research campuses in Germany, Austria, or the United States. Sign up to be alerted of new opportunities as they open up through the year.

    Our programs in detail: 

    Molecule to order
    Scientists can access unique and well-characterized set of inhibitors or agonists from the pipeline of Boehringer Ingelheim or its partners. Currently, the portfolio comprises of over 80 molecules covering eleven mode-of-actions. All molecules will be shipped for free to foster #OpenScience and independent innovation. We aim to add new molecules on regular basis. During 2023, we added nine new molecules on Among them our well-characterized HSD17B13 inhibitor BI-3231 and a secretin receptor agonist, BI-3434. Learn more…

    Molecules for collaboration
    Benefit from collaborating with Boehringer Ingelheim scientists on select molecules offered for a limited period and receive funding for your research.  Scientists interested in these molecules are invited to submit a collaboration proposal with a novel research hypothesis addressing an area with high unmet medical need. If the proposal is chosen, the research project will be developed jointly together with Boehringer Ingelheim scientists. So far, we have launched 16 projects, which have garnered over 1,000 collaboration proposals from 54 countries.

    opn2EXPERTS / techMATCH
    With our opn2EXPERTS and techMATCH programs, we invite you to explore precisely formulated questions to push the boundaries of science and technology for patients. All incoming proposals are reviewed by our scientific juries. Selected teams benefit from a long-term, collaborative partnership, that provides open access to our expertise and the prospect of research funding for their scientific research. Since the launch of this program in 2020, we have received over 1,050 collaboration proposals from more than 60 countries. Explore our questions that are open for expert responses, and advance science in novel directions.

    Unlock the next step of your research career with Boehringer Ingelheim with our latest initiative on opnMe. Explore all opportunities for funded PostDoc positions, pitch your scientific approaches for well-defined research questions, and start your work at one of our three discovery research sites. Look out for new opportunities as they open up through the year.

    opnMe is your gateway to a collaborative and resource-rich environment, dedicated to accelerating scientific progress. Join our talk to learn how you can leverage it to benefit your research and advance innovation and sign up to receive the latest collaboration opportunities in your inbox.

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    Dr. Florian Montel, Head of Open Science, Boehringer Ingelheim

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    Dr. Florian Montel grew up in the southeast of France and received his Master’s degree from the school of Chemistry of Montpellier in 2001. He obtained his Ph.D. at Sanofi-Aventis in 2005 under the supervision the Paris VI university for the total synthesis of Cyclostreptin. He joined Novartis in Basel in 2005 for a post-doctoral position and the synthesis of food additive for brain development and the preparation of new insecticides. After that, he spent 8 years at UCB in Belgium being project leader of CNS projects (epilepsy, cognition, pain or Parkinson’s disease, etc…). He was also implied in the development of PET ligands; his work led to the finding of the first human PET tracer for the SV2A receptor. In 2014, he joined Boehringer Ingelheim as project leader in the Medicinal Chemistry department at Biberach an der Riss in Germany, leading CNS projects for various indications from early stages to clinical candidate selection. Since 2017, he is leading the initiative and was appointed head of Open Science Group of Boehringer Ingelheim in 2022 overseeing most of the open innovation initiatives of the company from the website to the coordination of the Public-Private-Partnerships funded under IHI. 

    Florian Montel, LinkedIn profile

    Dr. Markus Koester, Co-Lead, Boehringer Ingelheim

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    Dr Markus Koester is a health care professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry sector with an education in molecular biology. He has joined Boehringer Ingelheim 11 years ago as Director of Discovery Research Coordination. In his current role, he co-leads Boehringer Ingelheim’s OpenScience open innovation portal, As such, Markus was deeply involved in the concept development and positioning of opnMe towards scientists and researchers across the globe. 6 years later, opnMe has proven to be a major success for Boehringer Ingelheim with more than 5,000 registered portal users from 72 countries, more than 2,000 individual molecule orders and 1,800 research collaboration proposals. Beyond opnMe, Markus has substantial experience in other open innovation formats and projects. 
    Before the era of open innovation, Markus gained substantial experience in different roles covering both research as well as marketing, within Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck KGaA, and two biotech start-up companies. 

    Further reading: 
    Markus Koester, LinkedIn profile

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